Handcrafted metal Tower of London Poppy WW1 WW2 free standing Display Stand


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Tower of London Poppy Stand. Designed and handcrafted by The Old Smithy.

The  metal display stand has been twisted using traditional methods producing a decorative, quirky stem with a large, secure root base.
The straight stem of your poppy fits through the twisted stem and sits into two spiral attachments holding it safely in place . One attachment is at the base – the other is entwined within the curling decoration at the top of the vase. (see photo)
The metal art work is textured and painted matt black* . 
We are selling the poppy stand ONLY   .
 The poppy stand will be made to order and will take  7 – 10 days to dispatch.
Each stand is handmade therefore the twisted décor and root may differ slightly to the photos shown.
* If you require a different height or colour please contact us .
Height ;  38cm / 15″                              Base  ; 25cm / 10″  (approx.)



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